Engagement Model

The DUMAL™ Engagement Framework for Critical Success
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The Dumal Framework™


Discuss current management initiatives, process pain points and relevant use cases

Identify relevant key stakeholders and decision makers

Define crucial decision criteria

Choose 1 process for value assessment (on own data)


Our Value Assessment allows you to experience Process Mining to Insights through Automation with your own data. You choose the process, we do the rest. With help from our data extractors you can easily capture the relevant data and securely transfer it to our Cloud.  Our data scientists will connect your data to our software and run the first analysis. Together with your process experts, we will refine the analyses and quantify the potential savings in your process. You will get the chance to gain hands-on experience on your own data and see the real value and power of Process Mining and Robotic Process Automation!

Extract data with Divergence RAW scripts

Transfer data into the Cloud Environment

Schedule workshops and meetings for the on-site week


During this stage of DUMAL, we work with you on two steps –

Define a clear and effective user adoptions strategy including roles and responsibilities for the Organizational Fit.

Determine the baseline performance and capability of the process or system you’re improving.


We bring the outcomes of Process Mining to automate. The size of the engagement depends on number of processes in the scope of the engagement. The goal is to help you visualize and screen processes for areas with highest automation potential, and subsequently build, test, and deploy RPA in an accelerated and structured fashion.


Following the deployment of robots, leverage the purpose-built integration tools to continuously analyze, manage and monitor both human and digital workers interacting with business processes.