Key concepts

AI to Crowdsourcing

Automation built to scale

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI gives machines the ability to learn, reason, and understand. It uses historical data and real-time human action to train algorithms to do work the same way a person would – only faster and without errors. AI is branch of computer science, and Machine Learning is the mature branch of AI that is used today by leading businesses.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA are bots that perform repetitive tasks on the user interfaces (UI) of enterprise applications, like Citrix, Oracle, and SAP. These tasks are rules-based and involve structured data.

Cognitive Automation

Cognitive Automation is software with the ability to perform more complex work that involves unstructured data (like images, documents, or PDFs). Cognitive Automation is powered by Machine Learning.

Digital Workforce

A Digital Workforce is the optimal combination of people, RPA bots, and Cognitive bots, typically within the context of a business process.


Agile, both an adjective and a noun, is a fast and iterative approach to adopting new ways of working. In IT, Agile development means that small teams are given autonomy and accountability for creating a capability. Whereas Waterfall development works sequentially through phases, Agile works iteratively and rapidly.


Crowdsourcing brings together the contribution of a multiple individuals to perform in concert. While crowdsourcing often refers to the sourcing of distributed workers from on-demand, cloud-based talent markets, it is also used as a method of elastically sourcing and managing employees within a company.